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Your Salary is not enough? Do you have skills?

Most of the people are struggling because of their insufficient salary, freelancing is now a new boom in society. People having skills and due to some reasons they are not able to do job or facing insufficient income issues, can join our freelancing services and earn through utilizing their skills. ForAll A Tech outsource the work to their registered and verified freelancers according to their skill sets and pay them on project basis. This would be the great opportunity for skilled people to earn extra income with flexible working hours.

Our Freelancer Sectors

We provide you a freelancing platform where you can work
in various fields according to your skill set

Know Something More!

ForAll A Tech's major sector is working on outsourcing & freelancing
services. We have a dedicated sector for freelancers.

Why ForAll A Tech?

We believe in skills not in percentage, talented people are always welcome in our community.

  • We work in planned manner, everything will be done on paper results the zero misunderstandings.
  • Our team will provide entire project documentation in writtern with mockups and advises.
  • We understands the problems that can be arised during working period and reschedule the things accordingly.
  • We also provide systems, space and softwares in case you want to work in our office.

Freelancer's Feedback

Do you have any questions?

Posting a project on the site is free! To know about project-related fees, please check our Fees & Charges page.

You need to contact us to post the projects for which you are searching for freelancers.

You can send your application using the instructions provided on our Jobs page.

To work as a freelance editor with FORALLATECH, you will need a PC equipped with Microsoft Word 2010 (minimum) or later.

FORALLATECH has been a leader in online editing and proofreading for past 3 years.

You will get paid after successful submission of your peoject. Your payment will be delivered directly in your bank account that you have filled during registration.

You can get more than one project at one time but deadlines are taken quite seriously. So all this depends upon your previous work records.